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SECURIST supports charities and not for profit organisations nationwide




The Securist Approach 


Community Secure Scheme










The Community Secure Scheme (CSS) allows SECURIST to invest a percentage of its profits back into charities and not for profit organisations that provide help and support for those in need. We do this by offering free security protection for their establishments if they have been a victim of crime.


Why we set up CSS?


The idea of the scheme came around after a long time of wanting to give back to the community but not knowing how. SECURIST mainly provide security services to big corporations that can afford to protect their assets and equipment so from the constant need to help the less fortunate the Community Secure Scheme was set up.


SECURIST want to utilise our funds to help charity and not for profit organisations who have become victims of crime. We believe that it is unfair that establishments that do nothing but help people and do good things for the world cannot afford the security protection they need.


The aim of CSS is to level the playing field for charities and not for profit organisations by offering them a tailor-made security solution.


What we do?


Whether your establishment has become a target of arson, burglary or vandalism SECURIST can help. We will invest a percentage of our profit into securing your premises by installing CCTV, access control or one of our many security protection systems.


Our security consultants will devise a tailor made security solution to help protect your premises from further attack, they will also provide you with a long-term security strategy which will integrate effectively into your daily processes.


SECURIST will be in regular contact and perform visits every 6 months to ensure you are still efficiently protected. You will have exclusive access to a 24/7 control room who will be on hand to help you with any queries or questions.


The Community Secure Scheme is achieved using a percentage of our profits – so you will not need to pay a penny.


We are currently fundraising for the Community Secure Scheme alongside our application for Virgin Media Business Voom 2016. Every penny we raise from crowdfunding will go towards the CSS.  To donate money and vote for SECURIST please view our application here: Virgin Media Business Voom 2016 - SECURIST



Please fill out the form below to see if you are eligible for SECURIST assistance from the Community Secure Scheme.


Candidates must –


* Be registered in the UK

* Been a victim of crime in the last 3 months

* Must be a registered charity or not for profit organisation

* Must have a crime reference number

* Terms & Conditions apply

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