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About Us

We are an experienced team of individuals with a wide range of backgrounds from within the security industry.

Originally founded in Bristol, UK, SECURIST began with an experienced team of individuals with a wide range of backgrounds from within the security industry. Over the course of our time as one of the leading security companies and establishments, we have built up a large client base with many contracts specialising in Manned Guarding and Event Security at the very core of our operations in the South West.

Our desire is to raise the industry standard within the security companies the UK has and to consistently surpass the expectations of our customers. It has enabled our business to thrive and we are proud to offer an extensive range of services from any of our nationwide offices. Since expanding to a national company we are quickly becoming the most sought after name in the industry...MORE



Paxton Access Ltd is a leading UK manufacturer of electronic access control systems. Paxton designs and manufactures intelligent and innovative products that are fit for their purpose, they became a market leader through their persistent efforts to exceed the expectations of installers and system users. SECURIST have chosen for Paxton to be a partner....



SIA is the organisation responsible for regulating the private security industry in the UK. It is a legal compliance for the security industry to follow the guidelines the SIA set however this is not a level of accreditation. SIA licensing covers manned guarding , key holding and vehicle immobilising...
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Community Secure Scheme 

The Community Secure Scheme (CSS) allows SECURIST to invest a percentage of its profits back into charities and not for profit organisations that provide help and support for those in need...

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The Securist Approach

Our aim is to raise the bar for the delivery of security services. Offering companies and organisations from both the private and public sectors competitively priced security services and surpassing the expectations of our extensive client base..


UK Policy

SECURIST are persistent in investing back into UK businesses as part of their UK Policy. Providing the product quality is of equal standard, or better than companies overseas then SECURIST ensure to use the UK based manufacturer; regardless of the price difference this may incur...

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SECURIST is an active supporter of Child-Safe because we firmly believe that every family deserves to have the wellbeing and safety of their children completely secured. In addition to providing security for yourself or your business, we also invest heavily in local communities via this organisation and fully support their work. When you use our services you are directly contributing to the lives of young people and their families...

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