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Monthly Update June 2016

Going away?

Feeling hot hot hot! We hope you have been enjoying the beautiful sunny weather that we've been having for the past few weeks but of course we all know that it will never last... this is England after all! As this is holiday season, sun seekers may go further afield to bask in the rays, so make sure you follow these simple steps to protect your home and avoid becoming a victim of burglary:

☀️ Lock all windows, doors and external buildings

☀️ Set your burglar alarm

☀️ Notify a trusted neighbour or family member

☀️ Unplug electrics/check water supply is off (taps, hosepipes etc...)

☀️ Light room with timers

☀️ Keep valuables out of sight

☀️ Link your phone with the CCTV system to view while your away



Throughout the month of August you can pay £2.50 per camera per week for a CCTV rental system. A high-quality CCTV surveillance system is an essential for homes and businesses of any size, they not only deter opportunistic theft and vandalism but help give you 24/7 peace of mind surrounding the security of your valuable assets. See our website for more details on CCTV systems.


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