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SECURIST VOOM fundraiser

With your vote in the VOOM 2016 competition SECURIST will donate to your chosen charity.

All you have to do is follow this link - , vote, then forward the email conformation with a message saying your chosen charity.

By voting for SECURIST we could pitch to Richard Branson for a chance to win a share of £1 million in prizes. You can see SECURIST's pitch here:

Read more about the competition here:

Minimum number of votes that need to be achieved is 10 votes per charity . Full balanced earned to be donated on 28th May 2016 once the competition has finished. SECURIST's aim is to reach the desired target of 3000 votes!

The terms and conditions:

  • For your chosen charity to receive the £1 donation for your vote you must send through the conformation email to with the name of the charity you wish your £1 donation to go to

  • The chosen charity will need to achieve a minimum of 10 votes to receive donation

  • At the end of public votes on the 23.05.2016 SECURIST must be within the top 80

  • Donations will be made on 28th May 2016 with the total raised

  • Limit of 3000 votes between all charities to reach the competition total. Voting confirmation submitted after the 3000 total will not be subject to receiving payment

  • All votes will be verified

  • Must be a registered UK charity

  • Terms and conditions can be changed without notice at any time

The fundraiser will start on 16th May 2016 and cease on 23th May 2016 23:59 or when the 3000 vote target has been achieved.

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