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Protecting your business against crime

It’s a short and sweet blog today, but here are a few things that you might have not thought about when protecting your business…

1. Just received a delivery? Leaving new boxes outside of your site is an advertisement of new purchases to potential thieves. TIP : make sure that when you have boxes and packaging to dispose of, it is not left on show. Flatten it, shred it, and make sure it is hidden so that thieves cannot see what goods you have in your business premises.

2. Criminals attack vulnerable looking sites. How does your site look? Could your site do with a CCTV camera? If you have a camera, a 'WARNING! CCTV IN OPERATION' sign is good to ward off any criminals. How about your gates, doors and entrances? If any of these do not appear safe, your site will look vulnerable. Forms of access control, such as swipe cards, make sure that your site is not only secure, but looks secure too!

3. We cannot all chose where our office is, yet it is advised that office buildings should be in view of the street, as it is the hidden offices that are usually targeted by burglars. If your office is tucked away however, there are security procedures you can put in place, such as audio alarms, security guards and remote monitoring.

Offences against property are far more numerous than offences against people. 40% of robbery victims are organisations. That’s a worrying amount of businesses being attacked! These above 3 points are points may seem small, but the small changes make the big differences.

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