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Metal has always been valuable but there is no doubt that the cost of it is on the rise. Whether it's copper, steel or any other metal, metals hold a higher value than you might think. That aside of a monetary value, metal may be costing your own security and well-being. To establish this, let's examine some statistics...

  • Copper bright wire was averaged at £3,635 per tonne in October 2014

  • Aluminium prices averaged £731 per tonne in October 2014

  • 61,349 offences of metal theft were caused between 2012 - 2013


Now, more than ever, people need to be on guard when it comes to protecting their valuables. As metal is such a big industry, it would be wise to examine what gold mine you lay in store for potential thieves.

When police recorded that across England and Wales 61,349 metal theft offences were caused, 47% were infrastructure related, 42% were non-infrastructure related and 11% were not classified. This means that 28,843 offences in which metal was removed had a direct impact on the building or machinery it was taken from! Where can such metal be stolen? On roofs, in cars, inside wind turbines, on railway lines in churches, construction sites and other places.

This may sound scary and daunting, but there is a solution to put you at ease!


There are numerous ways of doing this. Let's pinpoint a few. Have you ever considered fitting a Perimeter Fence around your site? If you are the owner of a Wind or Solar farm, an Automotive trade, a Warehouse or any other area that poses great risks, a Perimeter Fence will prevent any onlookers from entering your site and taking metal.

What about a CCTV Deterrent? Thieves are much less likely to enter your site when they can see that you have CCTV camera's watching them. But perhaps that option isn't as visible as you would like? When Securist install CCTV Camera's, they also put signs in place free of charge that act as visual deterrents. These show that your site is being monitored closely. Alongside this, you may chose to also install a Security Alarm to alert you when an intruder enters your site.

Whether you are either on site or off site, Securist provide a Key Holding and Alarm Response service. Should intruders enter your premises, we will respond immediately and take care of this for you. We have one of the fastest response times against leading industry competitors and a team of highly trained staff that are on hand 24/7.

Finally, we advise that you weigh up the potential cost of metal on your site. Knowing how much your metal is worth will help you to analyse how much you should invest in securing it. Knowledge is power and taking precautions to protect yourself against criminal activity is always wise.

You can find out more by dropping us an email to or calling us on 0800 096 4070.

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